Emergency Relief

Flooding from hurricanes destroys corn crops on which the Mayans depend.Accion distributes bags of corn to feed families and seeds to replant when crops are damaged or destroyed.

The Yucatan Peninsula is susceptible to hurricanes, which often cause flooding and crop damage.  Homes are often damaged or destroyed by high winds or flooding.  Acción’s Work Team program builds homes for families that also serve as community hurricane shelters in small villages.  In addition to this proactive approach to disasters, Acción also provides food, water, and building supplies to people in need when disaster strikes.

In addition to natural disasters, Acción also provides case by case emergency relief to families and individuals who are experiencing hardships such as medical problems, fire damage to a home, or other extraordinary needs.

If you are interested in supporting Acción’s emergency relief efforts, you can donate to our relief fund with a check to Friends of Accion (see address at the bottom of this page) or  donate online.